Outside view of VIDA Building


Studio apartment sleeping and television area separated by hanging curtains. Image credit: Max Vakhtbovych

Don’t Make This Studio Apartment Design Mistake

December 2022   While a studio apartment is great option for many people, they do bring some unique design challenges….

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Man and woman hugging another man and woman that have just entered their home. Image credit: Nicole Michalou

Quick-Clean Your Apartment for Unexpected Guests

December 2022   We’ve all been there. You have unexpected visitors coming over and your apartment looks like a war…

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Person shopping at a farmers market

How to Have a Low-Impact Kitchen

November 2022   If you’ve been thinking about ways to reduce your impact on the environment, a great place to…

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Neighbors greeting each other

Being a Good Neighbor

October 2022   Whether you’re passing each other in the hallway, sharing an elevator, working out in the fitness center,…

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One person handing cash to another. Image credit: Karolina Grabowska

There’s More Than One Way to Split Your Rent

October 2022   Getting a roommate is a common way to have a nicer apartment or townhouse than you could…

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Person standing in a grass field with their arms raised. Image credit: Kourosh Qaffari

Take a Secret Day Off

September 2022   You hear a lot about the idea of self-care, but most of the time people engage in…

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Woman holding a dog's paw. Image credit: Ivan Babydov

Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

September 2022   Some dogs hate having it done and many dog owners hate doing it. But nail trimming is…

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Houseplants being watered with a pitcher

Keeping Plants Watered While You’re Away

August 2022   If you have plants in your apartment or townhome and travel for several days or more, it…

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Apartment decorated in Brutalist style. Photo credit Foter

Organic Brutalism Décor? It’s Really a Thing.

August 2022   You’re probably familiar with minimalist décor and if you like the clean, uncluttered feel of it, you…

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Plants on a balcony

Balcony Gardening

  July 2022   Many of VIDA’s apartments and townhomes include balconies. These not only give our residents a convenient…

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