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Quick-Clean Your Apartment for Unexpected Guests

Man and woman hugging another man and woman that have just entered their home. Image credit: Nicole Michalou

December 2022


We’ve all been there. You have unexpected visitors coming over and your apartment looks like a war zone. This is the time of year it’s most likely to happen. The good news is that there are a handful of things you can quickly do that will make a big difference. They’re not a substitute for a thorough cleaning, but they will help save you some embarrassment

Open the Windows

Get rid of stale air and the scent of last night’s dinner by opening a couple of windows. Even five or ten minutes can make a big difference.

Close Doors

Close the doors to any rooms your guests won’t be visiting, and spend your time on the places they’ll most likely spend time.

Clear the Floors

Take a few minutes to pick up that throw blanket, pillow, magazine, etc. from the floor. You can leave dusting for another day. A clear floor implies a clean home.

Quick Clean the Bathroom

Have some cleaning wipes on hand for occasions like this and use them to quickly wipe down the sink, counter, and fixtures. Straighten the towels or put out fresh ones.

Quick Clean the Kitchen

Make any dirty dishes or cookware go away. They have the most impact on whether a kitchen looks clean. Load them into the dishwasher or (if that’s full and you’re desperate) hide them in a cupboard. Just like the bathroom, use cleaning wipes on surfaces and fixtures.

Last Step

If you’re quick on your feet, all the above should only take you 10 or 15 minutes. Once you’re done, take a few deep breaths, smile, and open the door to greet your guests.