Outside view of VIDA Building

In Praise of the Rolling Cart

Woman pulling a rolling cart

February 2023


Yes, we’re talking about those “granny carts.” But before you laugh us off your screen, take a minute to seriously consider them. When you live in an apartment or townhome, sometimes it can be a struggle to carry everything you need to bring in from your car, or carry things from your apartment to your car. And given that the Neighborhood of Play is so walkable, maybe you want leave your car at home but could use an extra set of hands when you set out on foot.

Given that you’ve probably never shopped for a rolling cart, you should know that the designs have come a long way. They’re more stylish, sturdy, and functional than the old-school steel cage on wheels you’re probably thinking of. In fact, many look nothing like granny carts. So, if we’ve piqued your interest, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing one.

Hauling Capacity

There are two ways to think about this: carrying capacity and weight capacity. For example, one cart may offer lots of carrying space but a have light-duty frame that can’t handle much weight. But another may be able to carry heavy items, but not provide much space. That means giving thought to both how much stuff you’ll need to carry and how heavy it will be.


Some carts are meant to be pulled like luggage, while some are pushed like a grocery cart. They can have two, three or four wheels, which can make a difference in their ability to stand up when not being held. Some carts are much easier to manage when you’re climbing up stairs or curbs. You can also find carts with multiple compartments, like a backpack on wheels, or open carts that you just pile things into. And when you live in Rochester, a fully enclosed, weather-proof carts can be a great way to protect your things from rain or snow.

Fit and Adjustability

It’s not fun to pull a fully loaded cart that feels like it’s too high for you, or maybe has a grip that bothers your hand. When choosing a cart, try it out for “feel” so you don’t end up with something uncomfortable. Some carts have adjustable components, which allow you to set things up perfectly for your needs.

Ease of Storage

Most carts are collapsible, so they don’t take up much space when you aren’t using them. That said, some can fold down to take up much less space than others. If you plan to keep your cart in your car, that can be an important consideration. How easily a cart folds down is also important. Can you do it with one hand? Does it require multiple steps with lots of levers or knobs? Give that you’ll probably collapse and reopen your cart at every use, if that’s a complicated process, you might become hesitant to even use it.