Outside view of VIDA Building

Neighborhood of Play

Live, work, play & learn!

As one of the proposals selected to replace the Inner Loop, a highway which isolated downtown Rochester from surrounding communities, the Neighborhood of Play was conceived and built to connect the Strong National Museum of Play with its neighbors and to create a cohesive downtown community. Hinging on – but extending far beyond – the concept of playfulness, this new, world-class neighborhood will be an ideal place to play, live, work, dine, shop, learn, and build connections. To feel at home here, you just need to value connectivity, inclusivity, and fun! As a VIDA resident, you’ll find a variety of authentic restaurants, interesting shops, entertainment, events, and energetic urban communities right outside your door.

Bringing the Neighborhood of Play to life is a partnership of established and respected Rochester entities, each representing excellence in its area of expertise — Indus Hospitality Group, Konar Properties, and The Strong National Museum of Play. Get the latest updates by visiting the Neighborhood of Play’s website.