Outside view of VIDA Building


Apartment Features to Consider Before Moving

When looking for an apartment, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the options available. Every property promotes its own…

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Smooth Coat Fox Terrier wearing a dog harness. Image credit James Frid

Does Your Dog Need a Harness?

As soon as you got your dog, you probably got them a collar. They’re a great way to keep your…

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Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

You’ve turned your apartment into a beautiful place to live, everything is great, and then a noisy neighbor upsets the…

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Stack of used furniture in a thrift store

Exploring Used Furniture

  Buying brand new furniture for your apartment either means paying a lot to get good quality, or picking up…

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Regrow Food From Kitchen Scraps

Food is expensive and it’s one of our highest household costs. While your grocery bill will always be a necessity,…

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Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Moving can be stressful in and of itself. Insert a global pandemic and add another level of stress and logistics…

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Four Kitchen Essentials

For many, the pandemic has meant going out less and cooking at home more. If you been trying new recipes…

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Young woman watching television

Is Greenlight Tempting You to Cut the Cord?

One of the many amenities at VIDA is free Greenlight Networks fiber optic internet.  The upload and download speeds are…

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Eco-Friendly Products for Your Apartment

  Most everyone agrees that caring for our planet is important. But what about our own homes? How much pollution…

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VIP Program Spotlight: ROAM Café

Eat, drink, and roam with this full-service restaurant and bar, located in the heart of the Park Avenue Neighborhood. Just…

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