Outside view of VIDA Building


Three pieces of art hung above a desk.Photo credit: Huseyn Kamaladdin

Decorating With the Rule of Three

October 2021   You may not know it, but three is a magical number. In writing, music, photography, painting, and…

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Two people walking down the sidewalk pulling a small suitcase. Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Traveling? Pack the Right Way

October 2021   The holidays are approaching, so you may be planning some travel. If you’re flying, learning to travel…

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Downtown Rochester and the Genesee River

The Best Fall Views of Rochester

September 2021   Fall is a great time to take a walk around Rochester. Summer’s heat and humidity are gone…

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Man dusting a television stand. Photo credit Antonio Diaz

Dust Like a Pro

September 2021 Okay, maybe there’s no such thing as a professional duster, but you’ll definitely feel like one if you…

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What a Beautiful Hallway!

August 2021   Okay, we admit that’s probably not something people say very often. But just because a hallway isn’t…

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“We’re Hungry” Said Your Houseplants

August 2021   All plants need nutrients and they get most of those through the soil they grow in. That…

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Teaching Your Dog to Ride in An Elevator

July 2021 Not only do some of VIDA’s apartment buildings have elevators, but we’re in a part of town that…

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Fruit fly sitting on an orange

Getting Rid of (and Avoiding) Fruit Flies

July 2021 We love summer. We love fresh Fruit. But we’re not fans of the fruit flies. And it seems…

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Photo of bed with a duvet. Image credit: Max Vakhtbovych

Putting on a Duvet Cover

June 2021 Many people confuse a duvet and a comforter. A duvet is a quilted blanket that comes in two…

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Woman shopping for souvenirs in a market. Image credit: los Muertos Crew

Decorating with Travel Souvenirs

June 2021 As restrictions on travel ease, people are emerging from isolation with a renewed hunger for travel. And if…

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