Outside view of VIDA Building


Three dogs standing in an elevator

Teaching Your Dog to Ride in An Elevator

July 2021 Not only do some of VIDA’s apartment buildings have elevators, but we’re in a part of town that…

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Fruit fly sitting on an orange

Getting Rid of (and Avoiding) Fruit Flies

July 2021 We love summer. We love fresh Fruit. But we’re not fans of the fruit flies. And it seems…

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Bed with duvet. Image credit: Max Vakhbovyche

Putting on a Duvet Cover

June 2021 Many people confuse a duvet and a comforter. A duvet is a quilted blanket that comes in two…

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Woman looking at souvenirs in a shop. Image credit: los Muertos Crew

Decorating with Travel Souvenirs

June 2021 As restrictions on travel ease, people are emerging from isolation with a renewed hunger for travel. And if…

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Photo of fresh produce at a market. Image credit: Mark Stebnicki

Is Washing Produce With Water Enough?

May 2021 One of the best things about living in Rochester is when locally grown fruits and vegetables come into…

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Photo of a man loading a dishwasher. Image credit: Wendelin Jacober

Surprising Things You Can Wash in the Dishwasher

May 2021 You were probably happy to learn that your apartment or townhome at VIDA came with a full-size dishwasher….

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Woman sleeping in bed. Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Are Cooling Bed Sheets for You?

April 2021 It won’t be long before summer arrives in Rochester. And while your apartment has central air conditioning, summer’s…

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Food on plate forming a sad face. Image credit: Klaus Nielsen

Reducing Your Food Waste

April 2021 Of all the things we waste, food is one area where each of us can have a big…

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The Apartment Reading Nook

The Apartment Reading Nook

March 2021  If you love to read, you know the magical effect diving into a good book can have. By…

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Photo of a bowl of salad with bread. Photo credit: Dana Tentis

Keeping Salad Greens Fresh – Science to the Rescue

March 2021 If you’re cooking at home more and trying to eat healthier, chances are you’re using lots of salad…

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