Outside view of VIDA Building


Black and white dog standing in the snow. Photo credit: Aloïs Moubax

Caring for Your Dog’s Paws in Winter

If you regularly walk or give your dog outside time during the winter, their paws can take a beating from…

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Woman and young girl using bubble wrap to pack for a move

Packing Tips to Make Moving a Breeze

You don’t move very often, so it can be hard to remember the lessons you’ve learned from one move to…

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Hot Decorating Trends for 2021

You probably spent much of 2020 in your apartment. And that means you probably got a little sick of your…

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Dog sitting on a leather chair. Photo credit: Erda Estremera

Pet-Friendly Fabrics for Your Apartment

At VIDA, we love dogs and cats. That’s why we’re pet-friendly. But everyone who’s ever had a pet knows they…

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Illustration of two neighbors talking to each other from their windows

More Than Ever, It’s Good to Know Your Neighbors

This has been a tough year and it’s given everyone a new appreciation for the connections we share. Whether it’s…

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Apartment Features to Consider Before Moving

When looking for an apartment, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the options available. Every property promotes its own…

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Smooth Coat Fox Terrier wearing a dog harness. Image credit James Frid

Does Your Dog Need a Harness?

As soon as you got your dog, you probably got them a collar. They’re a great way to keep your…

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Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

You’ve turned your apartment into a beautiful place to live, everything is great, and then a noisy neighbor upsets the…

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Stack of used furniture in a thrift store

Exploring Used Furniture

  Buying brand new furniture for your apartment either means paying a lot to get good quality, or picking up…

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