Outside view of VIDA Building


Mother and daughter sitting on the floor folding socks. Image credit: Ron Lach

Why Socks go Missing in the Laundry

April 2022   One nice amenity of our apartments and townhomes is that each comes with an in-unit washer and…

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The boardwalk at Turning Point Park

Take a Hike at Turning Point Park

  April 2022   One of the most beautiful hikes you can take in the City of Rochester is in…

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A group of people whitewater rafting on a river. Image credit: Hilmi Işılak

Rafting at Letchworth

March 2022   Unless you’re a paddler, you may not know that one of the best rafting spots in Western…

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Graphic of grandmillennial decor

Grandmillennial Style: What is It?

March 2022   You may have heard the term “granny-chic,” which is probably a more accurate descriptor for grandmillennial style….

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Make Your Own Lip Balm

February 2022 Surviving winter in Rochester means having lots of lip balm on hand. Making your own is easy and…

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Woman wearing a bathrobe and hair towel applying a moisturizer. Image credit: Sora Shimazaki

Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

February 2022 Have you ever walked into a spa and immediately felt relaxed? Even before you’ve gotten a treatment? It’s…

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Photographs of the 5 most common types of vacuums

The Best Vacuum for You

  January 2022   There are more types of vacuums on the market than ever. While choosing the right brand…

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Two toothbrushes. Image credit: Karolina Grabowska

Five Things You Don’t Replace Often Enough

January 2022   There probably isn’t a thing in your refrigerator right now that doesn’t have an expiration date. But…

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Red electric tea kettle sitting beside two tea cups. Image: John Finklestein

Electric Tea Kettles and How to Clean Them

December 2021   If you have an electric tea kettle, you probably find yourself wondering how you ever lived without…

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Living room with transitional style décor. Image: Donald Tong

Decorating in Transitional Style

December 2021   If you find yourself straddling the line between classic and contemporary styles of decor, you don’t have…

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