Outside view of VIDA Building

Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette at VIDA

Charging plug in an electric vehicle. Image credit: Chuttersnap.

March 2024


Hello, eco-conscious neighbors! As more of us switch to electric vehicles (EVs), it’s essential to chat about how we can share VIDA’s EV charging stations harmoniously. Just like we navigate the fitness centers, rooftop deck, community room, and patio, there are unspoken (and sometimes spoken!) rules to ensure everyone gets a turn and feels respected. So, let’s plug into the do’s and don’ts of EV charging station etiquette at VIDA!

Charge Only When Necessary

Think of the charging station like a communal resource—it’s there when you need it, but it’s not a personal parking spot. If your EV’s battery is sufficiently charged to meet your needs, consider waiting to charge until you really need it. This way, neighbors who might be running low can get their turn without stress.

Mind Your Charging Time

Keep an eye on how long your vehicle has been charging. Most EVs don’t need an entire night to charge, so once your car is juiced up, kindly move it so someone else can use the station. Some EV drivers set a reminder or alarm to check their charging status. This small step goes a long way in fostering goodwill among neighbors.

Be Cord-ial

Pun intended! When using the charging station, ensure the cord is neatly arranged to prevent tripping hazards. After charging, coil the cord back as you found it, or better yet, in a way that’s easy for the next person to use. It’s a small act of consideration that can prevent accidents and keep the charging area tidy.

Emergency Charging Needs

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes, an EV driver might urgently need a charge to get to work or an appointment. If someone is in a pinch, offering to let them jump the queue can be a huge help. Today’s good deed could be tomorrow’s saving grace when you’re in a similar situation.

Be an EV Ambassador

Lastly, if you’re an experienced EV owner, consider yourself an ambassador of electric driving within the VIDA community. New EV drivers might have questions or need a bit of guidance on best practices. Sharing your knowledge and experience can help build a supportive and informed EV community at VIDA and around Rochester.

Like many of the amenities at VIDA, when we were planning to build we knew that having EV charging stations would make life more convenient and enjoyable for our residents. While you’re probably familiar with most of the awesome things we provide to our residents, you can see a complete list of our amenities here.