Outside view of VIDA Building


VIDA townhome living room. Image credit: VIDA

The Realistic Approach to an Organized Apartment

November 2023   Whether you live in a sprawling East Avenue mansion or one of VIDA’s beautiful apartments or townhomes,…

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Flowering Hoya plant

6 Fragrant Houseplants

  October 2023   Houseplants are a great way to add a little life to your VIDA apartment or townhome….

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Small white dog laying on a throw rug. Image credit: iStock.

How to Wash a Throw Rug

October 2023   At VIDA, our apartments and townhomes include a combination of wall-to-wall carpet and designer laminate flooring. That…

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Several wool dryer balls sitting on a towel. Image credit: Amazon.

Why You’ll Love Wool Dryer Balls

September 2023   You’ve probably seen them. Those fuzzy, round dryer balls that kind of look like tennis balls. If…

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Smart speaker on a display shelf. Image credit John Tekeridis

New Ways to Think About Interior Design

  September 2023 We love it when our VIDA residents are passionate about decorating their apartments and townhomes. We think…

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Pumpkins, fall leaves, and candles on a coffee table. Image credit: Vlada Karpovich

Embracing Seasonal Decorating

August 2023   As the seasons change, so too can the atmosphere in your VIDA apartment or townhome. Embracing seasonal…

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Sofa bed. Image credit: Ikea.

Our Guide to Sleeper Sofas and More

August 2023   Sooner or later, you’ll have overnight guests in your VIDA apartment or townhome and they will need…

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Bookshelf with a vintage 35mm camera and a small wooden figurine. Image credit: Taryn Elliott.

How to Personalize Your Space

July 2023   Personalizing your VIDA apartment or townhome goes beyond following design trends. It’s about creating a sanctuary that…

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Bedroom with houseplants, wood furniture, and leaf-patterned bedding.

Bring the Outdoors In: Using Natural Elements in Your Décor

July 2023   If you love being outside, why not bring a touch of the outdoors into your VIDA apartment…

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Houseplants in water

Five Hydroponic Houseplants

June 2023   If you want to have houseplants in your VIDA apartment or townhome, but struggle to keep up…

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