Outside view of VIDA Building


Red electric tea kettle sitting beside two tea cups. Image: John Finklestein

Electric Tea Kettles and How to Clean Them

December 2021   If you have an electric tea kettle, you probably find yourself wondering how you ever lived without…

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Living room with transitional style décor. Image: Donald Tong

Decorating in Transitional Style

December 2021   If you find yourself straddling the line between classic and contemporary styles of decor, you don’t have…

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Dresser drawer on casters. Image credit: MUSEHOMEINC

Easy Underbed Storage

November 2021   As long as people have slept in beds, they’ve used the space underneath for storage. While it’s…

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Two meditation pillows on the floor. Image credit: Susanna Marsiglia

Meditation Pillows as Everyday Seating

November 2021   Not everyone meditates and not everyone that does uses a meditation pillow. But these amazing little seats…

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Three pieces of art hung above a desk.Photo credit: Huseyn Kamaladdin

Decorating With the Rule of Three

October 2021   You may not know it, but three is a magical number. In writing, music, photography, painting, and…

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Two people walking down the sidewalk pulling a small suitcase. Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Traveling? Pack the Right Way

October 2021   The holidays are approaching, so you may be planning some travel. If you’re flying, learning to travel…

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Downtown Rochester and the Genesee River

The Best Fall Views of Rochester

September 2021   Fall is a great time to take a walk around Rochester. Summer’s heat and humidity are gone…

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Man dusting a television stand. Photo credit Antonio Diaz

Dust Like a Pro

September 2021 Okay, maybe there’s no such thing as a professional duster, but you’ll definitely feel like one if you…

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What a Beautiful Hallway!

August 2021   Okay, we admit that’s probably not something people say very often. But just because a hallway isn’t…

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“We’re Hungry” Said Your Houseplants

August 2021   All plants need nutrients and they get most of those through the soil they grow in. That…

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