Outside view of VIDA Building


Houseplants in water

Five Hydroponic Houseplants

June 2023   If you want to have houseplants in your VIDA apartment or townhome, but struggle to keep up…

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Large pile of chairs

Do You Have Too Much Furniture?

June 2023   When you first moved into your apartment or townhome at VIDA, you probably had some challenges deciding…

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The Rochester Central Library Rundel Building. Image credit: Wiki Commons.

The Central Library Is So Much More Than Books

May 2023   Now, we know it’s probably been a while since you last visited a library, and physical books…

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Apples, oranges, and lemons at a grocery store. Image credit: Lukas.

These Fruits and Veggies Stay Fresher Longer

May 2023   At VIDA, we’ve equipped all of our apartments and townhomes with beautiful kitchens that will have you…

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Artificial plants in a living room. Image credit: Véronique Trudel

It’s OK to Have Artificial Plants. Here’s How to Do It Right

April 2023   You’ve probably read a bunch of articles and blog posts saying that anyone can grow houseplants successfully,…

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Woman listening to music on AirPods. Image credit: Thirdman.

How to Clean & Sterilize Your AirPods

April 2023   If you live at VIDA, you’re probably a big fan and user of technology. After all, you’re…

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Mismatched mugs on a shelf. Image credit: iStock.

The Art of Mismatched Décor

  March 2023   Are you tired of feeling like you have to match everything perfectly in your apartment or…

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Smiling dog. Image credit: Kat Smith

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

March 2023   You probably don’t enjoy brushing your own teeth, so the idea of brushing your dog’s teeth may…

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Furnished balcony at VIDA

Balcony Design Ideas

February 2023   VIDA offers residents some great outdoor spaces, like the rooftop deck and the patio between Buildings A…

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Woman pulling a rolling cart

In Praise of the Rolling Cart

February 2023   Yes, we’re talking about those “granny carts.” But before you laugh us off your screen, take a…

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