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These Fruits and Veggies Stay Fresher Longer

Apples, oranges, and lemons at a grocery store. Image credit: Lukas.

May 2023


At VIDA, we’ve equipped all of our apartments and townhomes with beautiful kitchens that will have you wanting to cook at home. And if you do, you may have experienced the frustration of buying a bunch of delicious fruits and vegetables, only to watch them go bad before you can enjoy them. It happens to the best of us, for various reasons. Maybe your social life got busier than expected, leading you to dine out more frequently. Or perhaps you gave in to your tiredness and hunger and opted for Doritos instead of broccoli. Whatever the reason, you can avoid wasting produce and money by choosing fruits and vegetables that naturally have a longer shelf life. Curious to know what they are? We’re here to spill the beans!

While they typically stay fresh for about a week on the counter, storing them in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator can extend their lifespan to four to six weeks. It’s a crisp solution!

Just like apples, oranges prefer the cozy company of the crisper drawer. For optimal freshness, rotate them in the drawer every few days to improve air circulation. By doing so, they’ll stay good for at least two weeks. The same trick works for other citrus fruits like limes, lemons, and grapefruit.

To keep these tiny bursts of flavor fresh, use a container that allows for proper airflow, which the original packaging often provides. Toss in a folded paper towel to absorb any excess moisture, and voila! They’ll remain plump and delicious for over 10 days.

The superheroes of underground veggies, potatoes have quite the staying power. To keep them fresh for a month or two, store them in a cool, dry, and dark place. They’ll patiently wait for you to turn them into delectable dishes.

Another trooper from below the ground, carrots can maintain their crispness for a month if you store them in an airtight container without washing or peeling them. Remember, the coldest part of your fridge (usually the lower section) is their ideal spot.

As long as you haven’t cut them open, acorn or butternut squash can last well over a month. Protect them from direct sunlight, and they’ll be patiently waiting for you to turn them into a delightful culinary creation.

Among salad greens, kale boasts an impressive durability. To make it last around a week, reduce excess moisture by storing it in paper towels in the crisper drawer. Your kale will thank you by staying fresh and crisp.

There you have it—some fabulous fruits and veggies that won’t let you down. Stock your apartment or townhome with these longer-lasting options and you can wave goodbye to the disappointment of wasted produce.