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Meditation Pillows as Everyday Seating

Two meditation pillows on the floor. Image credit: Susanna Marsiglia

November 2021


Not everyone meditates and not everyone that does uses a meditation pillow. But these amazing little seats aren’t just great for meditation. They can be a brilliant solution for everyday seating or extra seating in your apartment or townhome. They’re comfortable, sturdy, help your posture, are easily stored, and available in countless fabrics to enhance your décor.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a meditation pillow.


Most meditation pillows are filled with buckwheat. It’s eco-friendly, comfortable, and durable. It’s also great because you can take out or add buckwheat hulls to adjust the height and density. However, it can be heavy. If you’re planning on moving it around frequently, a cotton-filled mediation pillow might work better for you.


There are two ways people typically sit on their meditation pillow. One is cross-legged at the center, with their knees on the pillow. The other is at the edge, allowing their knees to rest on the floor below the level of the hips. Knowing your preference can help you select the best height. In general, shorter or more flexible people use a lower pillow. Taller or less flexible people use a higher pillow.


If it was just about meditation, the covering wouldn’t matter quite as much. But if your pillow will double as seating, the covering is just as important as the rest of your furniture. In shopping, you’ll find a wide variety of smooth and textured fabrics, as well as prints, solids, and colors. If your décor is neutral, this is a great opportunity to use a relatively small piece of furniture to add a bold pop of color. Alternatively, if your décor is more vibrant, a neutral pillow will be easier to blend in with your other pieces.