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Packing Tips to Make Moving a Breeze

Woman and young girl using bubble wrap to pack for a move

December 2020

You don’t move very often, so it can be hard to remember the lessons you’ve learned from one move to the next. To help you out, we have several tips that can really simplify the move to your new apartment.

Declutter First

You don’t want to pack or move anything you didn’t have to, so begin your move by first getting rid of anything you no longer need. Whether you sell it, donate it, or toss it in the trash, this is the time to be ruthless about pairing down your possessions.

Pack Little by Little

Don’t be that person who’s still packing boxes when the movers are in the driveway. It’s easy to procrastinate about packing, so do it in small bites. One hour each day is a great approach. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed by the effort required, you’ll do a much better job of packing, and your moving day will be much less stressful.

Invest in Quality Boxes

While it can be tempting to use free boxes from the grocery or liquor store, boxes meant for moving are clean, sturdy, and easier to pack since they’re consistent in size. And while we’re on the topic of boxes, take care to match the weight of your items to the correct size box. For example, don’t fill a large box with heavy books. Overpacking boxes will slow down your movers and potentially cause damage to your possessions.

Don’t Empty Dressers

There’s no need to pack the clothes in your dresser drawers because they’re essentially already packed. Most movers will move a dresser with the drawers inside it, but if necessary they can always be removed and carried like boxes. Likewise, the clothes in your closet can remain on their hangers. Just group a dozen or so together and cover them with a garbage bag to protect them.

Pack Your Suitcases

Your suitcases are essentially sturdy boxes, so take advantage of that and fill them up. And while you normally use them to pack clothes when you travel, on moving day they’re an ideal place for heavier items like books, magazines or paperwork. Suitcases are built to be strong and, best of all, they’re on wheels.

Photograph Electronics Cords

Things like televisions, stereos, modems and wireless routers all have multiple cords. And it can be easy to forget what goes where between the time you pack and when you set them up. Now that everyone has a phone in their pocket, use it to take pictures of how cords are plugged in so they’re easier to set up after your move. Beyond electronics, it’s worth taking pictures of any item that has complex parts that will need to be reassembled in your new apartment.

Pack a Moving Essentials Bag

Spend some time thinking of things you’ll need during the first 24 hours in your new apartment and pack them together in a dedicated bag. That could include important documents, medications, chargers, basic toiletries, clean bedding, cleaning supplies, and a couple changes of clothes. Doing so will save time and help you avoid the frustration of needing to hunt through multiple boxes to find these items.