Outside view of VIDA Building

You Just Might Be a Dog Person, If…

Small white dog. Image credit: Pixabay

June 2022


If you love seeing people walking their dogs around VIDA and go out of your way to meet them, you just might be a dog person. While there’s no test or official certification, we put together a fun list to consider. If you answer yes to 5 or more, you’re definitely a dog person.

You just might be a dog person, if…

  • Your dating app profile includes at least one photo of your dog
  • Your dog sleeps on your bed
  • Most of your pockets have either dog treats or poop bags
  • You own a dog purse
  • You’ve never taken a selfie without your dog in the photo
  • Your dog’s comfort is more important than your own
  • The wallpaper of your phone, laptop, and/or tablet is a photo of your dog
  • Your dog’s collar and leash coordinate
  • Most of your outfits have dog hair on them
  • You have at least five nicknames for your dog
  • Your dog has its own social media account
  • You’ve made new friends just because of your dog (or theirs)
  • You have a tattoo with some kind of dog reference

VIDA is a pet-friendly community because we believe dogs, cats, and other critters add tremendous joy to our lives (and vice versa). If you’re considering getting a pet, please contact the leasing office for details on our pet policy by calling 585-400-8432