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Why Collecting is Good for You

Photo of vinyl record collection. Image credit: Matthias Groeneveld

February 2021

The term self-care probably makes you think of things like meditation, yoga, healthy eating, and good sleep habits. But how about postage stamps, baseball cards, vinyl records, and license plates? It turns out that many aspects of having a collection have a positive impact on our happiness and health.

People begin collecting for lots of reasons. You might collect postcards to remind you of all the places you’ve traveled. Maybe you collect vintage toys that bring back happy memories from your childhood. The common thread is a focused interest that drives a host of positive benefits.

Build Knowledge

When you collect something it’s only natural to want to know as much about that subject as possible. The act of researching, organizing bits of information and building your knowledge base is a valuable skill to have. Collecting just makes improving that skill easier and more fun.

Create Community

Collectors often join clubs, attend collectors’ fairs, or meet new people in the process of building their collections. Being a part of community and forming new friendship around a shared passion creates a sense of belonging and validation that is central to self-care.


Many collectors report that spending time with their collections helps them feel relaxed and less stressed. Your collection can become a trigger that helps you quickly disconnect from the pressures of life and recharge your batteries.

Happy is healthy

Learning new things, building new friendships, being recognized for your knowledge and your collection, and adding items to your collection all bring great happiness to collectors. And happier people are healthy people. So, go ahead, put your work aside for a while and pick up an old collection – or start a new one. Don’t feel guilty, because you’re just taking better care of yourself.