Outside view of VIDA Building

What a Beautiful Hallway!

Front hallway with small table, plant, and coat hooks.

August 2021


Okay, we admit that’s probably not something people say very often. But just because a hallway isn’t a room, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautifully decorated. Depending on the layout of your apartment or townhome, it could be the first thing that guests see when they visit. And in addition to making a good first impression, a hallway can be also provide a great way to expand your storage. Here are five ideas for making your hallway fabulous and functional.

A Place to Hang

A great way to dress up an entry hallway and keep things functional is with decorative hooks or a coat tree. Hanging jackets and coats in a hallway can help free up space in your closets. Think about both materials and color – being sure to match the overall style of your apartment.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Adding a mirror can help in two ways. Since a hallway is a smaller space, the reflection from a good-size mirror will make your hallway feel larger. Additionally, hanging a mirror in an entry hall will give people a chance to check out their look when coming and going.

Gallery Wall

If you want to hang art in your hallway, you can sometimes run into the problem of not being able to stand far enough away from a piece to fully appreciate it. You can solve that problem by creating a gallery wall. If you’re not familiar, that means hanging multiple smaller pieces on the same wall. Try to stick with a single theme, like family pictures, travel photos, abstract art, etc. It also helps to frame each piece with the same type of frame.

Slender Furnishings

Given the limited space, you may not think of putting furniture in a hallway, but a slender piece can dress up a hallway and while adding functionality. A small bench can provide a place for people to sit while putting on shoes or boots. Or, a narrow console table can be used to display small items.

In decorating your hallway, just be sure to follow the same rules you would use with respect to the rest of your apartment when it comes to color, materials, and style.