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Rafting at Letchworth

A group of people whitewater rafting on a river. Image credit: Hilmi Işılak

March 2022


Unless you’re a paddler, you may not know that one of the best rafting spots in Western New York is Letchworth State Park. The Genesee River has cut a deep gorge from Mount Morris to Portageville that’s given it the nickname “The Grand Canyon of the East.”

Adventure Calls Outfitters offers rafting trips through Letchworth from April 2nd through October 30th. They include everything you need. That means a helmet, life vest, paddle, training, and a guide. Their guides are licensed by New York State, certified as First Responders or EMTs, and more than half are A.C.A. certified Swift Water Rescue Technicians. It’s a perfect outing for families and groups of all sizes.

The five-mile river ride is a scenic tour through the south end of the park at the deepest part of the gorge. The tour passes the Wolf Creek Waterfalls which have a total drop of 225 feet. Wolf Creek Falls is made up of a series of four very steep cascades with some sections containing near vertical falls. It also passes the Denton Brook Cascade, the Three Sisters Cascade, and passes through the deepest part of the Great Bend Gorge (550 feet).

In addition to a memorable trip through the park’s rapids, riders often encounter the wildlife that live along the river, including eagles, herons, sea birds, beavers, hawks, river otters, deer, duck, geese and more. For information and pricing, visit Adventure Calls Outfitters online.